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whipped feta with dill, shallots + chives

I'm typing this post from my dining room table overlooking the Northumberland Straight. The sun is shining and it's warm and beautiful and completely perfect. The ocean is glistening like tiny, twinkling stars and in the distance, I can hear the delicate little chirps of morning birds. My kitchen counter is piled sky high with dirty plates and wine glasses and platters with scattered crumbs. The waxy candle drippings have spilled onto the burlap runner and left dotty traces on my table but I don’t mind one bit. They are remnants of a night spent with good friends.

For now, I am enjoying the peaceful morning with my warm cup of coffee while everyone quietly sleeps upstairs. We still don't have coverings for the bedroom windows so I imagine they'll be awakened by dancing sunrays and rippling blue skies very soon. My brother and his wife and my beautiful baby niece are upstairs too. I can hear her dainty little squirms and I'm considering dashing up there and taking her for some morning snuggles. We can stare at the water and I'll tell her about our plans for the day and she can watch as I make mango tea. Her delightfully pensive expressions let me know she’s always listening.

She’s such great company.

We don't have a lot planned for this weekend actually and that was entirely deliberate. I'd like to visit the vegetable stand up the road and possibly take a trip to the lavender farm and somewhere amidst all of that, I'll take the children for a walk along the ocean. There is a small cove on our little beach and just around the bend is the most beautiful sandy little inlet. It’s perfect for slipping into the water without the discomfort of small pebbles piercing delicate little toes. It’s still much too cold for that of course but it will be fun to show them what’s in store this summer. I imagine we will collect sea glass and flat rocks for painting and large pieces of driftwood. They’ve started a small collection of those very things already so I’ll have to remember to bring glass mason jars for storing all of these little treasures next time.

I've wondered over the last few months if we'd find a rhythm in doing nothing at all. If we’d thrive in the simplicity of being still and enjoying lazy days with nothing pressing to do. I hope this space will allow me to forgo the need to always do and always be. That I allow myself to enjoy the quiet and not be tempted to disrupt it for anything specific.

I had a hard time deciding on last nights menu because this crowd, my friends, have very obtuse palettes which is the best sort of bunch to cook for I think. Much to people’s surprise, I’m not a solid decision-maker when it comes to planning menus. I change things around at least a dozen times because I always think of something better or tastier or prettier. And yet I always find myself returning to that initial instinct.

Hesitant and then resolute. It’s a pattern.

I hope you enjoyed the long weekend with your loved ones. It was pretty glorious around here. I made a variation of this recipe for our dinner party but this version is easy and portable and just as delicious. It's quite perfect for lazy afternoons when all you want is snacky sorts of food. I slow roasted some rainbow tomatoes and slathered it all on wedged pita bread. I made root beer float shooters too because that's what happens when you're on the beach. You cook and eat and enjoy every second of it.


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Oh my god this looks so delicious! Truthfully, for a minute there I thought it was a recipe for that awesome marinated feta that you brought to last year's hfxfb tea...yeah, I still remember that stuff.....deeelicious.

It sounds like you've got an incredible getaway, and a great reminder to change the pace of life every so often.

Jun 2, 2014 | Unregistered CommenterJessie

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